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Diamond & Gemstone Wholesaler in St. Petersburg, Florida

Spinel - Large Gemstones in St Petersburg, FL
Zircon - Large Gemstones in St Petersburg, FL
Aquamarine - Large Gemstones in St Petersburg, FL
Do you absolutely adore the sparkle from diamonds and gemstones? Are you attracted to their spectacular beauty when worn or displayed? If so, you will love Kopelman Enterprises, a wholesale operation specializing in large diamonds and gemstones, based in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Diamonds & Gemstones
Our long-established and reputable diamond and gemstone wholesaler is the venue of choice for those who wish to deal in the purchase, sales, and trade of diamonds and large gemstones. Our staff is known for integrity and professionalism. Diamond and gemstone inspections include:
  • Large Diamonds — 1 Carat or Larger, But We are Happy to Look at Any of Your Fine Jewelry.
  • Large Gemstones — 1 Carat or Larger, Precious & Semi-Precious
Let us answer any questions you may have about the stones or proceedings. We also offer free assessments and free jewelry cleaning.
Contact us to buy, trade, or sell large diamonds and gemstones.